CRM with flexible user rights

What automates CRM with user rights:

  1. Assigning roles to users
  2. Information access control
  3. Displaying the required sections and blocks
  4. Analyzing the hierarchy of departments

How will this affect your work?

Increasing the number of sales
Saving staff time
Increased customer loyalty
Fast training for new employees
Profit growth of the company
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What is the essence of the module

CRM system is a multifunctional platform designed to facilitate and optimize the conduct of any type of business. It has built-in the ability to personalize settings for a specific company, which, in particular, is expressed in the flexibility of user rights.

For this purpose, employees and suppliers are divided into access groups for interaction with information material. For example, you can configure the CRM module in such a way that the supplier will view only brief information about the product, bypassing the item of its cost price. The responsible employee, on the contrary, will be able not only to view the information, but also to work with it - edit or delete it.

Thus, the CRM system provides access to information only to those customers, contractors, suppliers or employees chosen by the supervisor or other administrative staff. This provides a reasonable dosage of information to avoid leaking unwanted information. This approach makes it much easier for employees to master the necessary nuances, relieving them of unnecessary information load.

What tasks does it solve

  • Information Security. The flexibility of user rights allows you to display only the information that is necessary for a specific category of users, which will avoid information leakage.
  • Energy saving resources. Thanks to competent administration with the help of the CRM module, a group of employees will receive clearly assigned tasks, without being distracted by information that is not useful.
  • Dosed access. There is confidential information, access to which must be partially restricted for certain categories of partners - a well-thought-out CRM system allows you to do this with ease.
  • Simple distribution of roles. Setting up flexible access is carried out literally in one click - the main thing is to decide on the grouping of employees and partners.
  • Saving time resources. Competent distribution of information will improve the efficiency of the company's workforce, speed up the production process and optimize the implementation of urgent tasks.
  • Customer-centric approach. The CRM module, which is responsible for the distribution of information access, increases customer loyalty to the company, saving them from processing unnecessary information and making it easier to find the necessary information.

How it will help the business

Preservation and competent dosing of information is the key to business success. The CRM system has a built-in ability to flexibly distribute access rights. This means that each group of users, whether they are company employees or suppliers, will receive exactly as much useful information as is required for comfortable interaction and efficient work.

Control over the distribution of information is assigned to the administrative sector, which has access to control panel, and directly the head of the company. After correct configuration, employees will receive clearly set tasks, and clients will receive only useful information, without unnecessary information.

The ability to flexibly configure access solves several problems at once:

  • Improving staff efficiency.
  • The influx of new customers.
  • Confidentiality of information.
  • Saving time and resources.

A CRM system equipped with flexible access rights will help raise your business to a higher quality level!