CRM for setting tasks

What automates CRM for tasks:

  1. Quick task setting
  2. Runtime control
  3. Appointment of responsible employees
  4. Transferring tasks to other employees
  5. Managing task dependencies
  6. Predicting project execution time
  7. Tracking workload and employee performance

How will this affect on your work:

Increasing the number of sales
Attraction of new clients
Increased customer loyalty
Raising the average check
Profit growth of the company
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What is the essence of the module

Multifunctional CRM system for setting tasks is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows you to optimize the activities of company employees. Built-in algorithms harmoniously distribute the roles assigned to personnel and contribute to quality tracking of the achievement of goals on time.

The CRM task calendar functions as a kanban, showing at what stage a particular case is. This greatly facilitates the monitoring process and helps the manager to coordinate the work of the company in the best possible way, which increases its efficiency.

CRM tasks are visually painted on several types of boards, where the deadline for the work and the persons responsible for it is indicated, and the interdependence of tasks from each other is displayed. Thus, time is saved, completeness and integrity of the scheme of business processes is formed.

The structure of the CRM system for setting tasks implies the possibility of attracting independent observers in order to control the performance of work. Workflow visualization helps to analyze the situation in order to direct the business in the right direction and increase its profitability.

What tasks does it solve

  • Process automation. A number of useful tools are built into the CRM system: reminders of important things, a calendar of tasks, tables and lists of various formats - the presence of these tabs competently organizes the activities of the company's personnel.
  • Effective unification. The task setting system is based on the creation of a centralized block of interaction between employees of all departments and sectors of the enterprise, which allows you to see a complete picture of the workflow.
  • Rational communication. The CRM system is equipped with an online working chat, where the staff and the manager discuss working moments from different locations.
  • Universal platform. The system allows you to work both with a team of employees and switch to individual tasks, as well as process information of any format regarding the company's activities.
  • Interface variability. Flexible settings of CRM-blocks allow you to personalize the platform, adjusting it to corporate needs.
  • Remote control. In order to observe the state of affairs of the company, it is not necessary to be on its territory - the CRM system is perfectly integrated with any kind of gadgets.

How it will help the business

CRM task management is an indispensable, global organizer that helps the manager to coordinate the work of employees, and the staff to visualize their activities. All processes are automatic, configured as desired and necessary, invariably displaying the defining moments of work - the status of the order or the stages of interaction with the client.

The presence of a general chat allows you to avoid understatement and timely eliminate problems that arise during work. As a result, the planned business plan is implemented, sales conversions increase, and the company's profit grows exponentially.

A CRM task management system has the following advantages:

  • Smart organization of business processes.
  • Convenient coordination of the work of employees.
  • Effective tracking of staff productivity.
  • Increased profit margins.

Integration of a smart IMOOX task management system will help your business grow rapidly.