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- Flexible configuration and ready-made solutions for running any area of business
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Features CRM-system

CRM system is a multifunctional assistant in doing business with individual customization of workflows - additional modules can be ordered or bought in the application market.

Time tracking

Calculation of time spent on completing tasks and calculating hourly wages for employees.

Clients and companies

Maintaining and structuring a customer base, classifying useful contact information, including information about financial and postal companies.

Support system

Integration of a multi-level customer support service with the ability to differentiate by department - as a result, the client will receive targeted assistance.

Boundless integration and adaptation

A universal modular platform based on a boxed software product, suitable for the implementation of any project and adaptation for a specific business.

Projects and tasks

Phased implementation of strategic projects by a team of specialists responsible for the implementation of individual tasks.


Planning goals for a certain period for employees of the sales department (execution of transactions, distribution of income, etc.).

Chat with employees and clients

Convenient and understandable module for group and personal communication, as well as customer feedback.

Additional features

A powerful platform accessible from all types of gadgets (different types of notifications, statistics log, voting and backup options, language selection, etc.).

Leads and sales

Formation of a lead base in the form of kanban and lists, with the ability to integrate with the site.

Knowledge base

Building a structured and cataloged information base to improve the work of employees and store the necessary information.

Billing and online payments

Automatic accounting with a built-in electronic control system and the possibility of online payments is the basis for successful management of the financial side of a business.

The structure of the company

Distribution of roles between company employees, storage of personal data, management of departments.

Document flow

An orderly archive of company documents with updated data for each client.

Client's personal account

Creation of an interactive account, thanks to which the client will have the opportunity to take part in the implementation of business tasks and projects, paperwork, transactions and many other processes.

Customizing CRM appearance

Individual customization of the design of the navigation panel of the CRM-system, the company logo, configuration and size of fonts, menu items and other parameters in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Commercial offers, invoices, expenses

A versatile module ideal for the sales force with payment control, automatic quote tracking and invoicing.

Calendar of all processes

An effective, intelligent assistant that allows you to take into account, record and filter any kind of processes.

Results and statistics

Monitoring of general and personalized statistics - of each employee, department, company as a whole, followed by data analysis and clarification of performance indicators.

Launch and CRM implementation

On my own

The ability to independently implement the CRM system into the workflow - our specialists are always ready to provide professional support.

Implement a CRM system
IMOOX team

Our employees will carefully consider the needs of your business and create an impeccable platform for its harmonious development.

To order
IMOOX partner

The accredited integrator companies, the list of which we provide, will help to implement the system into operation.

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System interface

The interface of the CRM system allows you to quickly, easily and efficiently work with it on any type of gadgets.

Integrations CRM

Setting up the interchange of data between the universal CRM system and external services - social networks, banking and analytical applications, instant messengers, mailing centers, IP telephony, etc.

Additional services

Additional services will help to optimally organize the company's activities and bring it to a higher quality level.

Prompt support and assistance during work
Installing the Database on your server
Development of additional functions and add-ons
Setup, implementation and training
Integration with various services
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