CRM for inventory control

What is automating CRM for a warehouse:

    1. The relevance of the availability of goods
    2. Supply control
    3. Tracking location position of goods
    4. Moving goods between warehouses
    5. Expiry date control
    6. Forecasting the need for purchases

How will this affect on your work:

Increasing the number of sales
Attraction of new clients
Increased customer loyalty
Raising the average check
Profit growth of the company
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What is the essence of the module

Warehouse management system is a powerful tool for working with large turnover. The module allows you to automate all the necessary processes, form a single platform, within which it is convenient to carry out income and expense calculations.

Warehouse management software allows you to control the quantity of goods, as well as save detailed information about each item. The program has a built-in function of reports showing the movement of goods. CRM warehouse accounting - a system that will remind you of an upcoming order, draw up an up-to-date marketing analysis of the effectiveness of an online store or a company, inform about product niches in need of replenishment, and significantly facilitate inventory.

The program for the warehouse also contains a complete information about suppliers, it has a built-in exchange function between production sectors. A general chat is integrated into the module for discussing working moments, mail accounts are connected, there is the possibility of mailing, kanban is functioning for setting priorities. Simultaneous supervision of several warehouses is permissible.

Automated warehouse management is a huge savings in time and ease of use, which entails an increase in the efficiency of the enterprise.

What tasks does it solve

  • Integrity of information. Organization of warehouse management allows you to collect information about the product, supplier and pricing policy together, so any employee can productively interact with the target information.
  • Document generation automation. Smart management of goods in a warehouse involves the creation of any types of documents: whether it be invoices, paper on transactions carried out or nomenclature calculations.
  • Editing options. The information entered into the CRM module can be adjusted at the discretion of a specialist, attach files, and supplement the information with important notes.
  • Data import / export. The goods management system is equipped with the function of instant import or export of the necessary documents, as well as their printout.
  • Individual customization. Each block of the module is customizable at the request of the customer, you can add forms or frequently used templates, adapting the system to the needs of the company.
  • Aggregation of prices. A CRM warehouse management system allows you to synchronize prices so that the product automatically appears on the site with the current, updated cost.

How it will help the business

An automated warehouse management system is efficiency, simplicity and reliability leading to the effectiveness of your business. Using a well-thought-out module will optimize warehouse accounting and increase the degree of company mobility.

A unified system will simplify the work of employees and create acceptable conditions for productive work for the benefit of the company's development. The ability to add remarks to each commodity item or transaction will ensure that all the defining nuances of the transaction are taken into account.

The module is equipped with an effective system for searching commodity items by category, name, cost and other parameters - to facilitate the procedure, the appropriate filters are configured.

The automated warehouse management system has the following advantages:

  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Qualitatively organizes data.
  • Gives business mobility.
  • Helps to increase profits.

By purchasing a CRM module in our company, you are guaranteed to receive an excellent tool for promoting your business.